Attention Foodies!

Tourism Ireland has just launched an excellent series o […]

Tourism Ireland has just launched an excellent series of new online films promoting Ireland as a fantastic food destination.  Entitled “A Flavour of Ireland”, each episode will cover the story of an indigenous produce all the way from the sea, or field, to plate – meeting the passionate artisan producers who create them along the way.

The first film focuses on Belvelly Smokehouse in Cobh, Co. Cork  – featuring Frank Hederman, a traditional smokehouse producer. Speaking of Ireland’s “wonderful raw materials” Frank notes that one “cannot separate the artisan food industry in Ireland from our geography – our landscape at the heart of what we create”.  He also provides one invaluable tip on how to hold a salmon “when handling a salmon, you handle it by the head and by the bottom, like you would a baby!”.


In a press statement released by Tourism Ireland, Niall Gibbons, chief executive, noted:

‘The island of Ireland is increasingly becoming known for its cuisine, with a reputation for high quality, natural products used in both traditional and innovative dishes. Food is such a vital component of the holiday experience nowadays, with travellers becoming more and more discerning about food and where they eat. Gastronomy and the extremely high quality of our food is one of the key themes being promoted by Tourism Ireland worldwide this year.  The fact that it is possible to enjoy excellent cuisine, and enjoy rich cultural and heritage, very much appeals to our overseas visitors, so it makes sense for us to highlight the island of Ireland as a superb food tourism destination.’