Fashion Designer Louise Kennedy on why she keeps returning to Kenmare

In an interview published in today’s Irish Times […]

In an interview published in today’s Irish Times newspaper, Fashion Designer Louise Kennedy talks about why she is drawn back again and again to Kenmare, highlighting its ever changing scenery, welcoming locals and excellent food options.

“There is this extraordinary scenery and the environment is so unspoilt. I have been here in summer and winter and it is good for your soul when you first drive into this picturesque setting. I would describe it as the jewel in the Ring of Kerry”.

Photo: Bryan O’Brien

Kennedy describes Kenmare as having “a sophisticated feel”, with lovely delicatessens and excellent food options. [...] “There is such a fabulous choice of good restaurants and wonderful coffee houses. [...] To have so many good food options in a small town is a big draw.”

Kennedy likes the familiarity with the locals that comes from returning to the same place year after year. “I am struck by the locals’ warmth. People remember you when you pop back down.”

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