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Pastry selection at The Rose Garden, Kenmare Travel &am […]


Pastry selection at The Rose Garden, Kenmare

Travel & Leisure Magazine has declared Kenmare to be a “a top-notch gastronomic destination” and with due reason. The quality of restaurants in Kenmare is reflected in the quality of bakeries and top-notch delis in town.  Jam and Truffle Pig on Henry St. are both lovely cafes in which to brunch or lunch or to buy wonderful homemade baking and local produce such as honey and jam.  Also on Henry St. is the ever popular Purple Heather.  Described by Travel & Leisure as “a cross between a pub and an auntie’s parlour”, the Purple Heather serves up wonderful fresh fare such as seafood chowders, open crab sandwiches and goats cheese salads – not to mention very reliable ham and cheese sandwiches. In Travel & Leisure’s view “it’s pub grub gone to heaven”!  Another nice lunch option is The Bookstop Vegetarian Cafe located on Bridge Street (near the tourist office). Operating as a bookshop and cafe, they serve up great salads, open sandwiches and great cakes and pastries as well as organic teas.  There’s also a cute  garden terrace out the back.  Also, The Rose Garden, a French run bakery on the Sneem Road produces some of the best baguettes and croissants you will taste outside France.  You can just drop in and buy them every morning and we recommend that you do.


Salads at The Bookstop Vegetarian Cafe

For those interested the Travel & Leisure feature “The Great Irish Food Revolution” can be read here: